GigaPoints Case Study

A Case Study


Get more rewards from your credit cards

Product Strategy / brand Strategy / product development / ux-ui / copywriting

You See:This is the best card for you.

What’s Behind the Curtain:handle secure data, 56000 configurations of spending data, 230 different credit card offerings, daily changing sign up bonuses, changing annual fees, change…all in a secure way

Why do some people get to travel so much on points, shop big on points, or pay off their cards with points?

They have a better credit card.


Use your spending data to get a better credit card


A better card means you get more rewards


more groceries, more travel, more cash back

Security is serious, the brand language is not

Interview on the brand


But aren't you supposed to be serious to establish trust?


That’s a great question. But think about human relationships. Our most trustworthy friends have both a strong personality and a heavy dose of wit. Frankly, we are a little suspicious of people without a personality. We like to remind people that in movies, the con-man always wears a generic suit.


So you are saying that you intentionally tried to be quirky and full of brand so that people wouldn’t think you were a fly-by-night-going-to-steal-my-data website?


Exactly! But awesome code that produces solid results helps a lot, too.

Strategy Partner

Gigapoints didn't hire us to be a yes man.

Some agencies will do exactly what you ask them to do. We’re not one of them. We hope you see that as an asset. We use our many years of experience to be a quality strategic partner. When asked, we have opinions, strategies, and insights that can take your product somewhere you may not have imagined.

He's flying to Fiji for free…and you're not…


Your current credit card


Chase Shappire Reserve Card

FOMO as a Brandable Data Strategy

FOMO - Fear Of Missing Out. We helped people visualize how switching to another credit card could give them more rewards . We told it in the context that they might be missing out. Nobody likes missing out.

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