Family Table

Love. Care. Family.

There are more than 500 calls made every day to report abused and neglected children in Los Angeles. Those who are removed from their homes will enter the foster care system, increasing the likelihood of homelessness, drug abuse, teen pregnancy and incarceration upon adulthood. We have hope that their story doesn't have to end this way.

Creating hope when life is bleak.

Due to a critical lack of foster families, many of these children are placed on extended waiting lists for homes.

Bringing a solution to the table.

Principle Studios values family. We value children. We heeded the call to help solve the need for foster families in Los Angeles and beyond.

Empowering families.

Enter Family Table, a non-profit centered on creating community to change the trend of foster homes. We created a brand for Family Table that recognizes the power of conversation around the family dinner table. The care and trust of a family unit provides an atmosphere to welcome foster children with open arms.


We can provide a loving home for every child in foster care.