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A Case Study

Cowgirl Creamery

Growing an international brand while keeping a small town western feel.

It's like Dolly Parton playing Carnegie Hall

The sparkling logo on top is just us Cowgirls, having a little fun and standing apart from the crowd. We take our cheese seriously, but not ourselves.

Excerpt from Sue Conley,
in the Deli News.

Packaging, websites, microsites, fulfillment integration, brand, catalogs, shipping boxes, direct mail, email campaigns, copywriting, photoshoots, art direction, delivery truck design, whatever it takes to help the Cowgirls sell their cheese.

Cowgirl sales have increased by 78% since we have been their agency of choice.

Forgive us for tipping our own hat…
and sorry to be so… ahem… cheezy.

Helping the Cowgirls keep a small town western feel while becoming an international corporation.

The Brand Guide

Branded email program and email campaigns

A website for Tomales Bay Foods; Cowgirl’s wholesale leg of the company.

Designing Cowgirl’s Catalog since 2012

Every point of customer contact has a positive or negative effect on our brand.

When mail order is a big channel, your shipping box is your store front.

Helping the Cowgirls celebrate 20 years with their printed art poster

Designing a history of digital marketing and e-commerce channels.

we design products and experiences that make your customers love you